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Two Retreats in 2018

Eleven retreats have been held since 2012, and two more will be held in 2018 – April 6-8 and November 2-4. The magic is in the array of women – all ages, with socioeconomic and ethnic variety enriching the experience for everyone. To keep that diversity, acceptance to these retreats is based on many factors, not just the desire to be there, although that is paramount!  Ample time is devoted to personal reflection, with the chance to take the time to be alone with your own thinking.

Retreats begin on Friday at 7pm and end at 2pm on Sunday. You are invited to complete the application for next year. Or contact me for more information.

What exactly is a Principle Quest Retreat?

A weekend with a maximum of 10 women of all ages and backgrounds 45 minutes from NYC at Bailey Farms

A facilitated journey based upon the principles and skills of loving.

A chance to:

  • Renew
  • Discover
  • Confront
  • Resolve
  • Open up
  • Create
  • Strengthen
  • Unravel
  • Soar and alight -- where and how you wish in your own unique principle quest, not sooner or later than you are ready for, not bigger or smaller than you can dream, not easier or harder than you can handle, all happening in a safe place with other women drawn to this same endeavor.

What are the goals for a retreat?

  1. Build a safe and trusting community of ten women for our time together.
  2. Define more precisely your most deeply held principles/values and how closely aligned your principles are with your behavior and actions
  3. Receive clarity, feedback and/or support on a current issue
  4. Based on the self-discovery and better understanding gleaned during the weekend, make a number of commitments, both long term and short term

What is the cost to attend?

There is no fee to attend. The Principle Quest Foundation underwrites your attendance because this retreat serves the mission of the foundation, namely to mentor and inspire women to be courageous, offering them tools to change the world of work, their own life and society for the better.